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There's simply no easier way to freecycle than with GreenGonzo. If you need something, you can search for it here and get it for free. If you don't need something, you can give it to somebody who does. Its as simple as that!

About GreenGonzo

GreenGonzo is an initiative which aims to reduce waste and promote the re-use of goods and materials. We are a little like eBay, except absolutely everything advertised here is being given away for free. Anyone who wishes can use our search tool to find out what is being given away by people in their area. By registering for free, anyone can post adverts offering to give away things they no longer need, but may be of use to others. By giving and receiving freely we not only spread the spirit of good will, but also help to save this planet's precious resources and ease the burden that our refuse places upon the environment.

Please help us to help the environment!

GreenGonzo is a new organisation, and we rely upon the help of established organisations, volunteers and generous people in order to grow. By expanding we hope to eventually create a global network of regiving, thereby helping to protect the Earth's valuable resources and the environment. Here are some simple ways in which you can help us to achieve this:
  • Register today and give something away!
  • Tell all your friends, family and colleagues about us, and what we do.
  • Link to us from your own website, blog or personal page.
  • Volunteer your time to help us advertise.
  • Volunteer your skills developing our graphics or code.

If you would like to link to us, just go ahead and do so. Feel free to use our logo for creating your link if you like. If you would like to volunteer to help greengonzo in any way, please contact us here. Suggestions, comments and feedback in general are always greatly appreciated too, so that we can learn how to improve and grow.

GreenGonzo search
With GreenGonzo item search you can find things which people are giving away in your area. By registering, which is of course free and takes only a minute, you can give away things to people and spread genorosity and good will throughout this green and pleasant land. Please use GreenGonzo Search today!

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