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  • A board game for two players in which each has 15 pieces which move between 24 triangular spaces according to the roll of a pair of dice; the object is to move all your pieces around, and off the board.

- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Back"gam`mon (&?;), n. [Origin unknown; perhaps fr. Dan. bakke tray + E. game; or very likely the first part is from E. back, adv., and the game is so called because the men are often set back.] A game of chance and skill, played by two persons on a "board" marked off into twenty-four spaces called "points". Each player has fifteen pieces, or "men", the movements of which from point to point are determined by throwing dice. Formerly called tables.

Backgammon board , a board for playing backgammon, often made in the form of two rectangular trays hinged together, each tray containing two "tables".

Back"gam`mon, v. t. In the game of backgammon, to beat by ending the game before the loser is clear of his first "table".

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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