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  • the act of persistently instigating lawsuits, often groundless ones
  • the sale and/or purchase of religious or political positions of power
  • (Admiralty law) unlawful or fraudulent acts by the crew of a vessel, harming the vessel's owner.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Bar"ra*try (&?;), n. [Cf. F. baraterie, LL. barataria. See Barrator, and cf. Bartery.] 1. (Law) The practice of exciting and encouraging lawsuits and quarrels. [Also spelt barretry.] Coke. Blackstone.

2. (Mar. Law) A fraudulent breach of duty or willful act of known illegality on the part of a master of a ship, in his character of master, or of the mariners, to the injury of the owner of the ship or cargo, and without his consent. It includes every breach of trust committed with dishonest purpose, as by running away with the ship, sinking or deserting her, etc., or by embezzling the cargo. Kent. Park.

3. (Scots Law) The crime of a judge who is influenced by bribery in pronouncing judgment. Wharton.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Bar`ratry, the offence of inciting and stirring up riots and quarrels among the Queen's subjects, also a fraud by a ship captain on the owners of a ship.
- Wikipedia

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