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Ben`e*fi"ci*a*ry (&?;), a. [Cf. F. bénéficiaire, LL. beneficiarius.] 1. Holding some office or valuable possession, in subordination to another; holding under a feudal or other superior; having a dependent and secondary possession.

A feudatory or beneficiary king of England.

2. Bestowed as a gratuity; as, beneficiary gifts.

Ben`e*fi"ci*a*ry, n.; pl. Beneficiaries (&?;). 1. A feudatory or vassal; hence, one who holds a benefice and uses its proceeds. Ayliffe.

2. One who receives anything as a gift; one who receives a benefit or advantage; esp. one who receives help or income from an educational fund or a trust estate.

The rich men will be offering sacrifice to their Deity whose beneficiaries they are.
Jer. Taylor.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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