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  • Consisting of two names or terms, such as genus and species.
  • (algebra) A polynomial with two terms.
  • (algebra) A quantity expressed as the sum or difference of two terms.
  • (biology) A taxonomic name with two terms (e.g. Cannabis sativa)
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Bi*no"mi*al (&?;), n. [L. bis twice + nomen name: cf. F. binome, LL. binomius (or fr. bi- + Gr. &?; distribution ?). Cf. Monomial.] (Alg.) An expression consisting of two terms connected by the sign plus (+) or minus (-); as, a + b, or 7 - 3.

Bi*no"mi*al, a. 1. Consisting of two terms; pertaining to binomials; as, a binomial root.

2. (Nat. Hist.) Having two names; -- used of the system by which every animal and plant receives two names, the one indicating the genus, the other the species, to which it belongs.

Binomial theorem(Alg.), the theorem which expresses the law of formation of any power of a binomial.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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