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  • A bird of the family Ardeidae that lives in marshy areas, feeds on amphibians, reptiles, insects and fish and flies with its neck retracted rather than outstretched.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Bit"tern (&?;), n. [OE. bitoure, betore, bitter, fr. F. butor; of unknown origin.] (Zoöl.) A wading bird of the genus Botaurus, allied to the herons, of various species.

&fist; The common European bittern is Botaurus stellaris. It makes, during the brooding season, a noise called by Dryden bumping, and by Goldsmith booming. The American bittern is B. lentiginosus, and is also called stake-driver and meadow hen. See Stake- driver.

The name is applied to other related birds, as the least bittern (Ardetta exilis), and the sun bittern.

Bit"tern, n. [From Bitter, a.] 1. The brine which remains in salt works after the salt is concreted, having a bitter taste from the chloride of magnesium which it contains.

2. A very bitter compound of quassia, cocculus Indicus, etc., used by fraudulent brewers in adulterating beer. Cooley.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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