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  • A babbler, a bumbling idiot, a fool.
  • 1627 A bluiter buskit lyk a belly blind. — Alexander Montgomerie, Poems
  • 1907 ‘Oh, to the devil wi' ye!' said Wanton Wully, sweating with vexation. ‘Of all the senseless bells! A big, boss bluiter! I canna compel nor coax ye!' — Neil Munro, Daft Days
  • 1999 Women go into pubs... to enjoy a quiet drink with friends. And any halitosis-ridden, hand-wandering blooter who thinks otherwise could find himself stuck up his own optic. — Glasglow Daily Record, July 13
  • A hard kick of a ball. Oftentimes the kick is wild as well. Also, a ball kicked in such a way.
  • 2002 He of the fabulous long-range shot or the useless blooter professes to love everything about Rangers. — Daily Mail, December 23.
  • To do poor work, to botch a job.
  • 1996 There's no way that hoose could be painted right in wan day; they must've blootered it. — Complete Patter, M. Munro
  • To talk foolishly, to babble.
  • 1913 Jamie... at last bluitered oot{em}‘I-I-I was up the water, sir, fellin' a deid dowg!' — J. Service, Memorables Robin Cummell
  • To shriek, to cry in a shrill manner.
  • 1793 The whaup, frae the south, that bluiters In the bogs, like a soo. — R. Brown, Carlop Green
  • To kick a ball in a hard and usually wild manner.
  • 2001 We'd blooter the ball into the terracing. — Glasglow Sunday Herald, August 19
  • To hit hard so as to break; to smash.
  • 1990 A hauf-inch closer an' that wis me... brains blootered aw err the tarmac. — J. Byrne, Your Cheatin' Heart
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

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