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  • the act of people getting aboard a ship or aircraft; embarkation
  • the act of a sailor or boarding party attacking an enemy ship
  • a structure made of boards
  • riding a skateboard
  • (ice hockey) a penalty called for pushing into the boards
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Board"ing, n. 1. (Naut.) The act of entering a ship, whether with a hostile or a friendly purpose.

Both slain at one time, as they attempted the boarding of a frigate.
Sir F. Drake.

2. The act of covering with boards; also, boards, collectively; or a covering made of boards.

3. The act of supplying, or the state of being supplied, with regular or specified meals, or with meals and lodgings, for pay.

Boarding house, a house in which boarders are kept. -- Boarding nettings(Naut.), a strong network of cords or ropes erected at the side of a ship to prevent an enemy from boarding it. -- Boarding pike(Naut.), a pike used by sailors in boarding a vessel, or in repelling an attempt to board it.Totten. -- Boarding school, a school in which pupils receive board and lodging as well as instruction.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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