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  • Present participle of to burn.
  • The action of the verb to burn.
  • So hot as to seem to burn (something).
         the burning sun
  • Feeling very hot.
         burning skin
  • Feeling great passion.
         her burning heart
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Burn"ing, a. 1. That burns; being on fire; excessively hot; fiery.

2. Consuming; intense; inflaming; exciting; vehement; powerful; as, burning zeal.

Like a young hound upon a burning scent.

Burning bush(Bot.), an ornamental shrub (Euonymus atropurpureus), bearing a crimson berry.

Burn"ing, n. The act of consuming by fire or heat, or of subjecting to the effect of fire or heat; the state of being on fire or excessively heated.

Burning fluid, any volatile illuminating oil, as the lighter petroleums (naphtha, benzine), or oil of turpentine (camphine), but esp. a mixture of the latter with alcohol. -- Burning glass, a convex lens of considerable size, used for producing an intense heat by converging the sun's rays to a focus. -- Burning house(Metal.), the furnace in which tin ores are calcined, to sublime the sulphur and arsenic from the pyrites.Weale. -- Burning mirror, a concave mirror, or a combination of plane mirrors, used for the same purpose as a burning glass.

Syn. -- Combustion; fire; conflagration; flame; blaze.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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