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  • (entomology) A flying insect of the order Lepidoptera, usually having colorful/colourful wings.
  • A swimming stroke in which the body is prone, the arms are moved in simultaneous circles, and the feet are kicked up and down.
  • A use of surgical tape, cut into thin strips and placed across an open wound to hold it closed.
         butterfly tape
  • To cut almost entirely in half and spread the halves apart, in a shape suggesting the wings of a butterfly
         butterflied shrimp
  • To cut strips of surgical tape or plasters into thin strips, and place across a gaping wound to close it.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

But"ter*fly` (&?;), n.; pl. Butterflies (&?;). [Perh. from the color of a yellow species. AS. buter-flēge, buttor-fleóge; cf. G. butterfliege, D. botervlieg. See Butter, and Fly.] (Zoöl.) A general name for the numerous species of diurnal Lepidoptera. [See Illust. under Aphrodite.]

Asclepias butterfly. See under Asclepias. -- Butterfly fish(Zoöl.), the ocellated blenny (Blennius ocellaris) of Europe. See Blenny. The term is also applied to the flying gurnard. -- Butterfly shell(Zoöl.), a shell of the genus Voluta. -- Butterfly valve(Mech.), a kind of double clack valve, consisting of two semicircular clappers or wings hinged to a cross rib in the pump bucket. When open it somewhat resembles a butterfly in shape.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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