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  • (Archaic) A native of Byzantium which was in the same place as is now Istanbul
  • (Historic) What belongs to the civilization of the East-Roman empire, as it was established after 331 A.D. when the capital was moved to Konstantinoupolis (now Istanbul) and up to 1453 when it was conquerd by the Turks.
  • Complex or intricate
  • (archaic) Of or pertaining to Byzantium
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

{ Byz"ant (&?;), Byz"an*tine (-ăn"tīn) n. } [OE. besant, besaunt, F. besant, fr. LL. Byzantius, Byzantinus, fr. Byzantium.] (Numis.) A gold coin, so called from being coined at Byzantium. See Bezant.

By*zan"tine (b&ibreve;*zăn"t&ibreve;n), a. Of or pertaining to Byzantium. -- n. A native or inhabitant of Byzantium, now Constantinople; sometimes, applied to an inhabitant of the modern city of Constantinople. [ Written also Bizantine.]

Byzantine church, the Eastern or Greek church, as distinguished from the Western or Roman or Latin church. See under Greek. -- Byzantine empire, the Eastern Roman or Greek empire from a. d. 364 or a. d. 395 to the capture of Constantinople by the Turks, a. d. 1453. -- Byzantine historians, historians and writers (Zonaras, Procopius, etc.) who lived in the Byzantine empire.P. Cyc. -- Byzantine style(Arch.), a style of architecture developed in the Byzantine empire. Its leading forms are the round arch, the dome, the pillar, the circle, and the cross. The capitals of the pillars are of endless variety, and full of invention. The mosque of St. Sophia, Constantinople, and the church of St. Mark, Venice, are prominent examples of Byzantine architecture.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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