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  • a clay tobacco-pipe used by American Indians, especially as a symbol of truce or peace
         *1922: THE CALUMET OF PEACE. He offered a cigarette to the professor and took one himself. — James Joyce, Ulysses
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Cal"u*met (?), n. [F. calumet, fr. L. calamus reed. See Halm, and cf. Shawm.] A kind of pipe, used by the North American Indians for smoking tobacco. The bowl is usually made of soft red stone, and the tube is a long reed often ornamented with feathers.

Smoked the calumet, the Peace pipe,
As a signal to the nations.

&fist; The calumet is used as a symbol of peace. To accept the calumet is to agree to terms of peace, and to refuse it is to reject them. The calumet of peace is used to seal or ratify contracts and alliances, and as an evidence to strangers that they are welcome.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Cal`umet, among the American Indians a pipe for smoking, which if accepted when offered, was an emblem of peace, and if rejected, a declaration of war.
- Wikipedia

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