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  • Relating to Canton.
         *Dutch: Kantonees, Kantonese
         *German: kantonesisch
         *Spanish: cantonés m, cantonesa f
  • Inhabitant of Canton, person from Canton descent.
         *Cantonese: 广东人/廣東人 (Gwóngdūng yàn)
         *Chinese: 广东人/廣東人 (Guǎngdōngrén)
         *Dutch: Kantonees m, Kantonese f
         *German: Kantonese m, Kantonesin f
         *Spanish: cantonés m, cantonesa f
  • a Chinese language mainly spoken in the south-eastern part of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, by the Chinese minorities in Southeast Asia and by many overseas Chinese worldwide.
         *Cantonese: 广东话/廣東話 (Gwóngdūng wá), 粤语/粵語 (Yutyú), 广府话/廣府話 (Gwóngfú wá)
         *Chinese: 广东话/廣東話 (Guǎngdōnghuà), 粤语/粵語 (Yuèyǔ)
         *Dutch: Kantonees n
         *German: Kantonesisch n
         *Spanish: cantonés m
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

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