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  • An army officer with a rank between the most senior grade of lieutenant and major.
  • A naval officer with a rank between commander and commodore and rear admiral.
  • The person lawfully in command of a sea-going vessel.
         The captain is the last man to leave a sinking ship.
  • The person lawfully in command of an airliner.
         This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your safety belts.
  • One of the athletes on a sports team who designated to make decisions, and is allowed to speak for his team with a referee or official.
  • The leader of a group of workers.
         John Henry said to the captain,"A man ain't nothing but a man."
          Synonyms: supervisor, straw boss, foreman
  • (American South) An honorific title given to a prominent person. See colonel
  • To act as captain
  • To exercise command of a ship, aircraft or sports team.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

CAPTAIN. Led captain; an humble dependant in a great
family, who for a precarious subsistence, and distant hopes
of preferment, suffers every kind of indignity, and is the
butt of every species of joke or ill-humour. The small
provision made for officers of the army and navy in time of
peace, obliges many in both services to occupy this wretched
station. The idea of the appellation is taken from a led horse,
many of which for magnificence appear in the retinues
of great personages on solemn occasions, such as processions,
- The Devil's Dictionary (Ambrose Bierce)

Cap"tain (kăp"t&ibreve;n), n. [OE. capitain, captain, OF. capitain, F. capitaine (cf. Sp. capitan, It. capitano), LL. capitaneus, capitanus, fr. L. caput the head. See under Chief, and cf. Chieftain.] 1. A head, or chief officer; as: (a) The military officer who commands a company, troop, or battery, or who has the rank entitling him to do so though he may be employed on other service. (b) An officer in the United States navy, next above a commander and below a commodore, and ranking with a colonel in the army. (c) By courtesy, an officer actually commanding a vessel, although not having the rank of captain. (d) The master or commanding officer of a merchant vessel. (e) One in charge of a portion of a ship's company; as, a captain of a top, captain of a gun, etc. (f) The foreman of a body of workmen. (g) A person having authority over others acting in concert; as, the captain of a boat's crew; the captain of a football team.

A trainband captain eke was he.

The Rhodian captain, relying on . . . the lightness of his vessel, passed, in open day, through all the guards.

2. A military leader; a warrior.

Foremost captain of his time.

Captain general. (a)The commander in chief of an army or armies, or of the militia.(b)The Spanish governor of Cuba and its dependent islands. -- Captain lieutenant, a lieutenant with the rank and duties of captain but with a lieutenant's pay, -- as in the first company of an English regiment.

Cap"tain (?), v. t. To act as captain of; to lead. [R.]

Men who captained or accompanied the exodus from existing forms.

Cap"tain, a. Chief; superior. [R.]

captain jewes in the carcanet.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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