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  • (geology) of a geologic period within the Paleozoic era; comprises the lower, middle and upper Mississippian and lower, middle and upper Pennsylvanian epochs from about 345 to 280 million years ago, when coal was laid down
  • of, or relating to carbon or coal
  • (geology) the Carboniferous period
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Car`bon*if"er*ous (kär`b&obreve;n*&ibreve;f"&etilde;r*ŭs), a. [Carbon + -ferous.] Producing or containing carbon or coal.

Carboniferous age(Geol.), the age immediately following the Devonian, or Age of fishes, and characterized by the vegetation which formed the coal beds. This age embraces three periods, the Subcarboniferous, the Carboniferous, and Permian. See Age of acrogens, under Acrogen. -- Carboniferous formation(Geol.), the series of rocks (including sandstones, shales, limestones, and conglomerates, with beds of coal) which make up the strata of the Carboniferous age or period. See the Diagram under Geology.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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