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  • All inclusive; pertaining to all mankind.
  • He has catholic tastes.


  • Of the Western Christian church, as opposed to the Orthodox church.
  • Christmas is celebrated at different dates in the Catholic and Orthodox calendars.
  • Some people think the term Catholic is so exclusive, it should be listed as an antonym of catholic.
  • Of the Roman Catholic church.
  • The Church of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic one.
  • A member of a Catholic church.
  • The wife of the Prime Minister is a Catholic.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Cath"o*lic (kăth"&osl;*&ibreve;k), a. [L. catholicus, Gr. kaqoliko`s, universal, general; kata` down, wholly + "o`los whole, probably akin to E. solid: cf. F. catholique.] 1. Universal or general; as, the catholic faith.

Men of other countries [came] to bear their part in so great and catholic a war.

&fist; This epithet, which is applicable to the whole Christian church, or its faith, is claimed by Roman Catholics to belong especially to their church, and in popular usage is so limited.

2. Not narrow-minded, partial, or bigoted; liberal; as, catholic tastes.

3. Of or pertaining to, or affecting the Roman Catholics; as, the Catholic emancipation act.

Catholic epistles, the epistles of the apostles which are addressed to all the faithful, and not to a particular church; being those of James, Peter, Jude, and John.

Cath"o*lic, n. 1. A person who accepts the creeds which are received in common by all parts of the orthodox Christian church.

2. An adherent of the Roman Catholic church; a Roman Catholic.

Old Catholic, the name assumed in 1870 by members of the Roman Catholic church, who denied the ecumenical character of the Vatican Council, and rejected its decrees, esp. that concerning the infallibility of the pope, as contrary to the ancient Catholic faith.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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