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  • the space around the altar in a church, often enclosed, for use by the clergy and the choir. In medieval cathedrals the chancel was usually enclosed or blocked off from the nave by an altar screen.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Chan"cel (?), n. [OF. chancel, F. chanceau, cancel, fr. L. cancelli lattices, crossbars. (The chancel was formerly inclosed with lattices or crossbars) See Cancel, v. t.] (Arch.) (a) That part of a church, reserved for the use of the clergy, where the altar, or communion table, is placed. Hence, in modern use; (b) All that part of a cruciform church which is beyond the line of the transept farthest from the main front.

Chancel aisle(Arch.), the aisle which passes on either side of or around the chancel. -- Chancel arch(Arch.), the arch which spans the main opening, leading to the chancel. -- Chancel casement, the principal window in a chancel.Tennyson. -- Chancel table, the communion table.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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