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  • The physical confine of a river or slough, consisting of a bed and banks.
          The water coming out of the waterwheel created a a standing wave in the channel.
  • The natural or man-made deeper course through a reef, bar, bay, or any shallow body of water.
          A channel was dredged to allow ocean-going vessels to reach the city.
  • The navigable part of a river.
          We were careful to keep our boat in the channel.
  • A narrow body of water between two land masses.
          The English Channel lies between France and England.
  • (electronics) A connection between initiating and terminating nodes of a circuit.
          The guard-rail provided the channel between the downed wire and the tree.
  • (communications) The part that connects a data source to a data sink.
          A channel stretches between them.
  • (communications) A path for conveying electrical or electromagnetic signals, usually distinguished from other parallel paths.
          We are using one of the 24 channels.
  • (communications) A single path provided by a transmission medium via physical separation, such as by multipair cable.
          The channel is created by bonding the signals from these four pairs.
  • (communications) A single path provided by a transmission via spectral or protocol separation, such as by frequency- or time-division multiplexing.
          Their call is being carried on channel 6 of the T-1 line.
  • (broadcasting) A specific radio frequency or band of frequencies, usually in conjunction with a predetermined letter, number, or codeword, and allocated by international agreement.
          KNDD is the channel at 107.7 MHz in Seattle.
  • (broadcasting) A specific radio frequency or band of frequencies used for transmitting television.
          NBC is on channel 11 in San Jose.
  • (storage) The portion of a storage medium, such as a track or a band, that is accessible to a given reading or writing station or head.
          This chip in this disk drive is the channel device.
  • (technic) The way in a turbine pump where the pressur is build up.
          The liquid is pressurized in the lateral channel.
  • To direct the flow of something
          We will channel the traffic to the left with these cones.
  • To assume the personality of another person, typically a historic figure, in a theatrical or paranormal presentation
          When it is my turn to sing Karaoke, I am going to channel Ray Charles.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Chan"nel (chăn"n&ebreve;l), n. [OE. chanel, canel, OF. chanel, F. chenel, fr. L. canalis. See Canal.] 1. The hollow bed where a stream of water runs or may run.

2. The deeper part of a river, harbor, strait, etc., where the main current flows, or which affords the best and safest passage for vessels.

3. (Geog.) A strait, or narrow sea, between two portions of lands; as, the British Channel.

4. That through which anything passes; means of passing, conveying, or transmitting; as, the news was conveyed to us by different channels.

The veins are converging channels.

At best, he is but a channel to convey to the National assembly such matter as may import that body to know.

5. A gutter; a groove, as in a fluted column.

6. pl. [Cf. Chain wales.] (Naut.) Flat ledges of heavy plank bolted edgewise to the outside of a vessel, to increase the spread of the shrouds and carry them clear of the bulwarks.

Channel bar, Channel iron(Arch.), an iron bar or beam having a section resembling a flat gutter or channel. -- Channel bill(Zoöl.), a very large Australian cuckoo (Scythrops Novæhollandiæ. -- Channel goose. (Zoöl.)See Gannet.

Chan"nel, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Channeled (?), or Channelled; p. pr. & vb. n. Channeling, or Channelling.] 1. To form a channel in; to cut or wear a channel or channels in; to groove.

No more shall trenching war channel her fields.

2. To course through or over, as in a channel. Cowper.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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