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  • A tree or shrub of the genus Castanea.
  • The nut of this tree or shrub.
  • A dark, reddish-brown colour/color.
         chestnut colour:   
  • A reddish-brown horse.
  • The wood of a chestnut tree.
  • (colour) of a deep reddish brown colour, like that of a chestnut.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Chest"nut (ch&ebreve;s"nŭt), n. [For chesten-nut; OE. chestein, chesten, chastein, chestnut, fr. AS. cisten in cisten-beám chestnut tree, influenced by OF. chastaigne, F. châtaigne, both the AS. and the F. words coming from L. castanea a chestnut, Gr. ka`stanon, fr. Ka`stana a city of Pontus, where chestnut trees grew in abundance, and whence they were introduced into Europe. Cf. Castanets.] 1. (Bot.) The edible nut of a forest tree (Castanea vesca) of Europe and America. Commonly two or more of the nuts grow in a prickly bur.

2. The tree itself, or its light, coarse- grained timber, used for ornamental work, furniture, etc.

3. A bright brown color, like that of the nut.

4. The horse chestnut (often so used in England).

5. One of the round, or oval, horny plates on the inner sides of the legs of the horse, and allied animals.

6. An old joke or story. [Slang]

Chestnut tree, a tree that bears chestnuts.

Chest"nut, a. Of the color of a chestnut; of a reddish brown color; as, chestnut curls.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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