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  • the main language spoken in China.
  • a person living in or coming from China.
  • referring to China or its languages
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Chi"nese" (?), a. Of or pertaining to China; peculiar to China.

Chinese paper. See India paper, under India. -- Chinese wax, a snowy-white, waxlike substance brought from China. It is the bleached secretion of certain insects of the family Coccidæ especially Coccus Sinensis.

Chi*nese", n. sing. & pl. 1. A native or natives of China, or one of that yellow race with oblique eyelids who live principally in China.

2. sing. The language of China, which is monosyllabic.

&fist; Chineses was used as a plural by the contemporaries of Shakespeare and Milton.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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