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  • the playing of cymbals
  • 1886: At a hole in a rotten weir they executed a recitative; where a tributary brook fell over a stone breastwork they trilled cheerily; under an arch they performed a metallic cymballing; and at Durnover Hole they hissed. - w:Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Castorbridge
  • The voices of passing children reverberated like gongs - booming, peeling, cymbaling into switchbacking rollercoasters of sound. -
  • It starts out with grungy-sounding guitar and lots of reverse cymballing. You start to segue in a softer, synthier sound but immediately put the guitar back into focus." --
  • Mick Grabham's guitar (which contributes some rhythmical chops not found on the record) sounds as though it is going through a Leslie speaker, and Chris Copping appears to be going for a neo-Garth Hudson Lowrey-silver sound at times. BJ eschews the rapid quaver cymballing that he favoured in the play-out on the record. " --
  • the crashing together of two things as cymbals
  • 1847: Whereupon, he sat down amid a universal pounding of chest—lids, and cymbaling of tin pans; the few invalids, who, as yet, had not been actively engaged with the rest, now taking part in the applause, creaking their bunk— boards and swinging their hammocks. - w:Herman Melville, Omoo: Adventures in the South Seas
  • 1855 As during the telling of the story, Captain Delano had once or twice started at the occasional cymballing of the hatchet-polishers, wondering why such an interruption should be allowed, especially in that part of the ship, and in the ears of an invalid; and moreover, as the hatches had anything but an attractive look, and the handlers of them still less so, it was, therefore, to tell the truth, not without some lurking reluctance, or even shrinking, it may be, that Captain Delano, with apparent complaisance, acquiesced in his host's invitation." - Herman Melville, Benito Cereno
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

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