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  • (algebra) A constant by which an algebraic term is multiplied

- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Co`ef*fi"cient (?), a. Coöperating; acting together to produce an effect.

Co`ef*fi"cient*ly, adv.

Co`ef*fi"cient, n. 1. That which unites in action with something else to produce the same effect.

2. [Cf. F. coefficient.] (Math.) A number or letter put before a letter or quantity, known or unknown, to show how many times the latter is to be taken; as, 6x; bx; here 6 and b are coefficients of x.

3. (Physics) A number, commonly used in computation as a factor, expressing the amount of some change or effect under certain fixed conditions as to temperature, length, volume, etc.; as, the coefficient of expansion; the coefficient of friction.

Arbitrary coefficient(Math.), a literal coefficient placed arbitrarily in an algebraic expression, the value of the coefficient being afterwards determined by the conditions of the problem.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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