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  • Any plant of the genus Aquilegia, having distinctive bell-shaped flowers with spurs on each petal.
  • (archaic) pertaining to a dove or pigeon
         *Late C14: Com forþ now, wiþ þyne eyen columbyn! / How fairer been þy brestes þan is wyn! — Geoffrey Chaucer, The Merchant's Tale
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Col"um*bine (?), a. [L. columbinus, fr. columba dove.] Of or pertaining to a dove; dovelike; dove-colored. "Columbine innocency." Bacon.

Col"um*bine, n. [LL. columbina, L. columbinus dovelike, fr. columba dove: cf. F. colombine. Perh. so called from the beaklike spurs of its flowers.] 1. (Bot.) A plant of several species of the genus Aquilegia; as, A. vulgaris, or the common garden columbine; A. Canadensis, the wild red columbine of North America.

2. The mistress or sweetheart of Harlequin in pantomimes. Brewer.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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