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  • (grammar) A grammatical construction expressing the outcome of a comparison between two items; in English, formed by appending "-er" to the end of the adjective (for some short adjectives only) or putting "more" before it.
         The comparative of "big" is "bigger"
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Com*par"a*tive (?), a. [L. comparativus: cf. F. comparatif.] 1. Of or pertaining to comparison. "The comparative faculty." Glanvill.

2. Proceeding from, or by the method of, comparison; as, the comparative sciences; the comparative anatomy.

3. Estimated by comparison; relative; not positive or absolute, as compared with another thing or state.

The recurrence of comparative warmth and cold.

The bubble, by reason of its comparative levity to the fluid that incloses it, would necessarily ascend to the top.

4. (Gram.) Expressing a degree greater or less than the positive degree of the quality denoted by an adjective or adverb. The comparative degree is formed from the positive by the use of -er, more, or less; as, brighter, more bright, or less bright.

Comparative sciences, those which are based on a comprehensive comparison of the range of objects or facts in any branch or department, and which aim to study out and treat of the fundamental laws or systems of relation pervading them; as, comparative anatomy, comparative physiology, comparative philology.

Com*par"a*tive, n. (Gram.) The comparative degree of adjectives and adverbs; also, the form by which the comparative degree is expressed; as, stronger, wiser, weaker, more stormy, less windy, are all comparatives.

In comparatives is expressed a relation of two; as in superlatives there is a relation of many.

2. An equal; a rival; a compeer. [Obs.]

Gerard ever was
His full comparative.
Beau. & Fl.

3. One who makes comparisons; one who affects wit. [Obs.] "Every beardless vain comparative." Shak.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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