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  • a grievance, problem, difficulty, or concern; the act of complaining
         I have no complaints about the quality of his work, but I don't enjoy his company.
  • a bodily disorder or disease; the symptom of such a disorder
         Don't come too close, I've got this nasty complaint.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Com*plaint" (?), n. [F. complainte. See Complain.] 1. Expression of grief, regret, pain, censure, or resentment; lamentation; murmuring; accusation; fault-finding.

I poured out my complaint before him.
Ps. cxlii. 2.

Grievous complaints of you.

2. Cause or subject of complaint or murmuring.

The poverty of the clergy in England hath been the complaint of all who wish well to the church.

3. An ailment or disease of the body.

One in a complaint of his bowels.

4. (Law) A formal allegation or charge against a party made or presented to the appropriate court or officer, as for a wrong done or a crime committed (in the latter case, generally under oath); an information; accusation; the initial bill in proceedings in equity.

Syn. -- Lamentation; murmuring; sorrow; grief; disease; illness; disorder; malady; ailment.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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