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  • One who confesses to having done something wrong
  • One who confesses his faith in Christianity, especially in the face of persecution
  • A priest who hears confession and then gives absolution
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Con*fess"or (?; 277), n. [OF. confessor, F. confesseur, fr. L. & LL. confessor.] 1. One who confesses; one who acknowledges a fault, or the truth of a charge, at the risk of suffering; specifically, one who confesses himself a follower of Christ and endures persecution for his faith.

He who dies for religion is a martyr; he who suffers for it is a confessor.

Our religion which hath been sealed with the blood of so many martyrs and confessors.

2. A priest who hears the confessions of others and is authorized to grant them absolution.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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