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  • to perform magic tricks
  • to summon up a devil etc, using supernatural power
  • to practice black magic
  • to evoke something
  • to imagine something, or picture it in the mind
  • to make an urgent request; to appeal or beseech
  • to conspire or plot
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Con*jure" (k&obreve;n*jūr"), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Conjured (- jūrd"); p. pr. & vb. n. Conjuring.] [F. conjurer, fr. L. conjurare to swear together, to conspire; con- + jurare to swear. See Jury.] To call on or summon by a sacred name or in solemn manner; to implore earnestly; to adjure.

I conjure you, let him know,
Whate'er was done against him, Cato did it.

Con*jure", v. i. To combine together by an oath; to conspire; to confederate. [A Latinism]

Drew after him the third part of Heaven's sons
Conjured against the Highest.

Con"jure (?), v. t. To affect or effect by conjuration; to call forth or send away by magic arts; to excite or alter, as if by magic or by the aid of supernatural powers.

The habitation which your prophet . . . conjured the devil into.

To conjure up, or make visible, as a spirit, by magic arts; hence, to invent; as, to conjure up a story; to conjure up alarms.

Con"jure (?), v. i. To practice magical arts; to use the tricks of a conjurer; to juggle; to charm.

She conjures; away with her.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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