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  • (Music) a quarter note.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Crotch"et (kr?ch"?t; 224), n. [F. crochet, prop., a little hook, a dim. from the same source as croc hook. See Crook, and cf. Crochet, Crocket, Crosier.] 1. A forked support; a crotch.

The crotchets of their cot in columns rise.

2. (Mus.) A time note, with a stem, having one fourth the value of a semibreve, one half that of a minim, and twice that of a quaver; a quarter note.

3. (Fort.) An indentation in the glacis of the covered way, at a point where a traverse is placed.

4. (Mil.) The arrangement of a body of troops, either forward or rearward, so as to form a line nearly perpendicular to the general line of battle.

5. (Print.) A bracket. See Bracket.

6. (Med.) An instrument of a hooked form, used in certain cases in the extraction of a fetus. Dunglison.

7. A perverse fancy; a whim which takes possession of the mind; a conceit.

He ruined himself and all that trusted in him by crotchets that he could never explain to any rational man.
De Quincey.

Crotch"et, v. i. To play music in measured time. [Obs.] Donne.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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