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  • A bulbous plant, Narcissus pseudonarcissus, with yellow flowers and a trumpet shaped corona.
  • The national flower of Wales.
  • (colour) a brilliant yellow color, like that of a daffodil.
         daffodil colour:   
  • (colour) of a brilliant yellow color, like that of a daffodil.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Daf"fo*dil (dăf"f&osl;*d&ibreve;l), n. [OE. affodylle, prop., the asphodel, fr. LL. affodillus (cf. D. affodille or OF. asphodile, aphodille, F. asphodèle), L. asphodelus, fr. Gr. 'asfo`delos. The initial d in English is not satisfactorily explained. See Asphodel.] (Bot.) (a) A plant of the genus Asphodelus. (b) A plant of the genus Narcissus (N. Pseudo-narcissus). It has a bulbous root and beautiful flowers, usually of a yellow hue. Called also daffodilly, daffadilly, daffadowndilly, daffydowndilly, etc.

With damask roses and daffadillies set.

Strow me the ground with daffadowndillies,
And cowslips, and kingcups, and loved lilies.

A college gown
That clad her like an April daffodilly.

And chance-sown daffodil.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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