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  • A written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, or belief
  • A list of items for various legal purposes, e.g. customs declaration
  • The act or process of declaring
  • (cricket) The act, by the captain of a batting side, of declaring an innings closed.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Dec`la*ra"tion (?), n. [F. déclaration, fr. L. declaratio, fr. declarare. See Declare.] 1. The act of declaring, or publicly announcing; explicit asserting; undisguised token of a ground or side taken on any subject; proclamation; exposition; as, the declaration of an opinion; a declaration of war, etc.

2. That which is declared or proclaimed; announcement; distinct statement; formal expression; avowal.

Declarations of mercy and love . . . in the Gospel.

3. The document or instrument containing such statement or proclamation; as, the Declaration of Independence (now preserved in Washington).

In 1776 the Americans laid before Europe that noble Declaration, which ought to be hung up in the nursery of every king, and blazoned on the porch of every royal palace.

4. (Law) That part of the process or pleadings in which the plaintiff sets forth in order and at large his cause of complaint; the narration of the plaintiff's case containing the count, or counts. See Count, n., 3.

Declaration of Independence. (Amer. Hist.)See under Independence. -- Declaration of rights. (Eng. Hist)See Bill of rights, under Bill. -- Declaration of trust(Law), a paper subscribed by a grantee of property, acknowledging that he holds it in trust for the purposes and upon the terms set forth.Abbott.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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