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  • an inhabitant of a place; one who dwells in
          the giant squid is one of many denizens of the deep
  • one who frequents a place
          the denizens of that pub are of the roughest sort
  • (British) a citizen naturalized through letters patent
          though born in Iceland, he became a denizen of Britain after leaving Oxford
  • (biology) local flora and fauna
          the bald eagle is a denizen of the northern part of the state
  • (British) to grant rights of citizenship to; to naturalize
          he was denizened to Ireland after fleeing his home country
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Den"i*zen (d&ebreve;n"&ibreve;*z'n), n. [OF. denzein, deinzein, prop., one living (a city or country); opposed to forain foreign, and fr. denz within, F. dans, fr. L. de intus, prop., from within, intus being from in in. See In, and cf. Foreign.] 1. A dweller; an inhabitant. "Denizens of air." Pope.

Denizens of their own free, independent state.
Sir W. Scott.

2. One who is admitted by favor to all or a part of the rights of citizenship, where he did not possess them by birth; an adopted or naturalized citizen.

3. One admitted to residence in a foreign country.

Ye gods,
Natives, or denizens, of blest abodes.

Den"i*zen, v. t. 1. To constitute (one) a denizen; to admit to residence, with certain rights and privileges.

As soon as denizened, they domineer.

2. To provide with denizens; to populate with adopted or naturalized occupants.

There [islets] were at once denizened by various weeds.
J. D. Hooker.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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