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  • (geology) of a geologic period within the Paleozoic era; comprises lower, middle and upper epochs from about 415 to 360 million years ago
  • (geology) the Devonian period
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

De*vo"ni*an (?), a. (Geol.) Of or pertaining to Devon or Devonshire in England; as, the Devonian rocks, period, or system.

Devonian age(Geol.), the age next older than the Carboniferous and later than the Silurian; -- called also the Age of fishes. The various strata of this age compose the Devonian formation or system, and include the old red sandstone of Great Britain. They contain, besides plants and numerous invertebrates, the bony portions of many large and remarkable fishes of extinct groups. See the Diagram under Geology.

De*vo"ni*an, n. The Devonian age or formation.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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