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  • (Medicine) The result of identifying the nature and cause of an illness
  • The result of identifying the nature and cause of something (of any nature)
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

DIAGNOSIS, n. A physician's forecast of the disease by the patient's
pulse and purse.
- 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

Di`ag*no"sis (?), n.; pl. Diagnoses (#). [NL., fr. Gr. &?;, fr. &?; to distinguish; dia` through, asunder + &?; to know. See Know.] 1. (Med.) The art or act of recognizing the presence of disease from its signs or symptoms, and deciding as to its character; also, the decision arrived at.

2. Scientific determination of any kind; the concise description of characterization of a species.

3. Critical perception or scrutiny; judgment based on such scrutiny; esp., perception of, or judgment concerning, motives and character.

The quick eye for effects, the clear diagnosis of men's minds, and the love of epigram.
Compton Reade.

My diagnosis of his character proved correct.
J. Payn.

Differential diagnosis(Med.), the determination of the distinguishing characteristics as between two similar diseases or conditions.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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