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  • the act of diffusing or dispersing something, or the property of being diffused or dispersed; dispersion
  • (physics) the scattering of light by reflection from a rough surface, or by passage through a translucent medium
  • (physics) the intermingling of the molecules of a fluid due to random thermal agitation
  • the spread of cultural or linguistic practices, or social institutions, in one or more communities
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Dif*fu"sion (?), n. [L. diffusio: cf. F. diffusion.] 1. The act of diffusing, or the state of being diffused; a spreading; extension; dissemination; circulation; dispersion.

A diffusion of knowledge which has undermined superstition.

2. (Physiol.) The act of passing by osmosis through animal membranes, as in the distribution of poisons, gases, etc., through the body. Unlike absorption, diffusion may go on after death, that is, after the blood ceases to circulate.

Syn. -- Extension; spread; propagation; circulation; expansion; dispersion.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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