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  • A departure from the subject, course, or idea at hand; an exploration of a different or unrelated concern.
         The lectures included lengthy digressions on topics ranging from the professor's dog to the meaning of life.
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Di*gres"sion (?), n. [L. digressio: cf. F. digression.] 1. The act of digressing or deviating, esp. from the main subject of a discourse; hence, a part of a discourse deviating from its main design or subject.

The digressions I can not excuse otherwise, than by the confidence that no man will read them.
Sir W. Temple.

2. A turning aside from the right path; transgression; offense. [R.]

Then my digression is so vile, so base,
That it will live engraven in my face.

3. (Anat.) The elongation, or angular distance from the sun; -- said chiefly of the inferior planets. [R.]

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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