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  • To make, or to become smaller
  • To taper
  • (music) To reduce a perfect or minor interval by a semitone
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Di*min"ish (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Diminished (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Diminishing.] [Pref. di- (= L. dis- ) + minish: cf. L. diminuere, F. diminuer, OE. diminuen. See Dis-, and Minish.] 1. To make smaller in any manner; to reduce in bulk or amount; to lessen; -- opposed to augment or increase.

Not diminish, but rather increase, the debt.

2. To lessen the authority or dignity of; to put down; to degrade; to abase; to weaken.

This doth nothing diminish their opinion.
Robynson (More's Utopia).

I will diminish them, that they shall no more rule over the nations.
Ezek. xxix. 15.

O thou . . . at whose sight all the stars
Hide their diminished heads.

3. (Mus.) To make smaller by a half step; to make (an interval) less than minor; as, a diminished seventh.

4. To take away; to subtract.

Neither shall ye diminish aught from it.
Deut. iv. 2.

Diminished column, one whose upper diameter is less than the lower. -- Diminished, or Diminishing, scale, a scale of gradation used in finding the different points for drawing the spiral curve of the volute.Gwilt. -- Diminishing rule(Arch.), a board cut with a concave edge, for fixing the entasis and curvature of a shaft. -- Diminishing stile(Arch.), a stile which is narrower in one part than in another, as in many glazed doors.

Syn. -- To decrease; lessen; abate; reduce; contract; curtail; impair; degrade. See Decrease.

Di*min"ish, v. i. To become or appear less or smaller; to lessen; as, the apparent size of an object diminishes as we recede from it.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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