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  • An instruction or guideline that indicates how to perform an action or reach a goal.
  • An authoritative decision from an official body, which may or may not have binding force.
  • In European Union law, a directive is a form of legislative act addressed to the Member States. The directive binds the Member State to reach certain objectives in their national legislation.
  • that directs
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Di*rect"ive (?), a. [LL. directivus: cf. F. directif.] 1. Having power to direct; tending to direct, guide, or govern; showing the way. Hooker.

The precepts directive of our practice in relation to God.

2. Able to be directed; manageable. [Obs.]

Swords and bows
Directive by the limbs.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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