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  • material applied to a wound for protection or therapy
  • a sauce, especially a cold one for salads
  • something added to the soil as a fertilizer etc
  • the activity of getting dressed
- The Nuttall Encyclopedia

Dress"ing, n. 1. Dress; raiment; especially, ornamental habiliment or attire. B. Jonson.

2. (Surg.) An application (a remedy, bandage, etc.) to a sore or wound. Wiseman.

3. Manure or compost over land. When it remains on the surface, it is called a top-dressing.

4. (Cookery) (a) A preparation to fit food for use; a condiment; as, a dressing for salad. (b) The stuffing of fowls, pigs, etc.; forcemeat.

5. Gum, starch, and the like, used in stiffening or finishing silk, linen, and other fabrics.

6. An ornamental finish, as a molding around doors, windows, or on a ceiling, etc.

7. Castigation; scolding; -- often with down. [Colloq.]

Dressing case, a case of toilet utensils. -- Dressing forceps, a variety of forceps, shaped like a pair of scissors, used in dressing wounds. -- Dressing gown, a light gown, such as is used by a person while dressing; a study gown. -- Dressing room, an apartment appropriated for making one's toilet. -- Dressing table, a table at which a person may dress, and on which articles for the toilet stand. -- Top-dressing, manure or compost spread over land and not worked into the soil.

- Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

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